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We are leaders of non-profit, non-governmental organizations, charity funds, communities, and social enterprises coming together on the basis of dialogues and cooperation to uplift Vietnam and its people

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Never before in the history of mankind have we been so advantageous in the ability to connect and expand our network across the world. Many organizations have been established for a good cause, aiming to make a positive impact on society in online platforms and in real life. However, many of them also have been struggling with:
+ Insufficient financial situation and lack of manpower
+ Poor operational and managerial capacity
+ Inept knowledge of technology and community-building

The #common_good_alliance aims to:


Become a hub for organisations to share and utilize resources, knowledge and experience aiming at making a positive social impact

Mobilize resources and share knowledge


Encourage organisations to communicate ideas and reach a mutual understanding, which translates to beneficial partnerships in the foreseeable future 

Initiate dialogues


Through dialogues, actions will be taken, collaboration will be established among the members of #common_good_alliance

Promote cooperation


The number of dialogues created by the members of the #common_good_alliance.
Dialogues can be online or real-life meetings, café meet-ups or conference calls, in which individuals from each organisation meet and greet, and plant the seeds for fruitful partnerships

The support/cooperation prompted by the members of the #common_good_alliance
This indicator includes media sponsorships, referrals of essential personnel, extension of manpower, contributing in knowledge or in kind, as well as prospective bilateral relations.

The number of trainings about the establishment, operation, management and development of a community, a mindset, a skill and so on, conducted by the administrators for the participation of members of the community or guest specialists

The success of our mission is indicated by: 

The #common_good_alliance guidelines


Representatives of the #common_good_alliance

Partners of the #common_good_alliance

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Do you want to make a difference for the better? 

Do you wish to make the world a better place?

We acknowledge and appreciate your kind intention. To join the #common_good_alliance, you should satisfy the following requirements:

  • * You are a founder or leader of one of the following: a non-profit organization, a non-gonvernmental organization, a social enterprise, a charity organization, an organization aimed at creating positive social values.
  • * Your organisation or community has been operating for a minimum of 12 months and carried out a minimum of 3 events.
  • * Your managing body must consist of a minimum of 3 members.
  • * Your organisation or community has an official website or an active social media page.
  • * Your organisation or community’s core values promote positivity and focus on creating positive social values

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